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We offer smart solutions for businesses who miss the opportunity of utilizing AI or other advanced technologies due to several challenges such as lack of funds, lack of knowledge or expertise. 

what We Offer

Ditch the subscription treadmill, build your automation dream (with a one-time fee).

Smart Appointment Scheduling System

Let your AI chatbot book appointments with your customers and send meeting alerts!

Here’s how it’ll happen

Your customer will simply initiate a conversation with the chatbot. 

AI will guide them through a brief dialogue to determine their preferred appointment person and time.

The appointment will be automatically booked directly on the respective calendar, eliminating the need for manual confirmation from a human.

AI-powered Customer Support Routing

Route customer inquiries to the most qualified support agent based on the issue and agent expertise using AI.

Here’s how it’ll happen

Customers will submit an inquiry via chat, or a web form. The AI system will analyze the inquiry’s content to identify keywords, context, and urgency. 

It categorizes the inquiry based on the type of issue (e.g., technical support, billing, product information).

The AI will match the inquiry with the most qualified support agent by evaluating agent expertise, and current availability.

This inquiry will be routed to the selected support agent’s queue and the agent will get notified of the new inquiry and its details.

Smart Meeting Transcription and Summarization

Save time and ensure clarity with AI that transcribe meetings and automatically generate summaries of key points.

Here’s how it’ll happen

During the meeting, AI will record the conversation.

It will transcribe the audio into text in real-time or immediately after the meeting ends.

The AI will process the transcription, identifying and extracting key points and action items and will compile the extracted information into a concise summary.

The summary is automatically sent to all meeting participants via email or another preferred communication channel.

AI-powered Product Recommendation

Personalize the shopping experience with AI-powered product recommendations based on past purchases and browsing behavior.

Here’s how it’ll happen

The AI system will gather data on customers’ past purchases and browsing behavior.

Using predefined algorithms, it will analyze the collected data to identify patterns and preferences.

The AI will generate personalized product recommendations and present them to the customer on the shopping platform (website, app, etc.).

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