Golf Ball Scanning App


Scan My Golf Ball uses smarts (AI) to recommend the perfect ball for your swing. By simply scanning the ball with your phone’s camera, the app can identify its brand and model, assess wear and tear to see if it’s still playable, and then match those features to your skill level. No more guesswork or mismatched balls slowing down your game!

Application Features

Using artificial intelligence, it can scan your ball and identify the brand, model, and even any damage it might have. By answering a quick questionnaire, the app gets to know your skill level and then recommends balls specifically suited to help you improve. It doesn’t just tell you which balls are good, but also rates them as a perfect fit, a decent option, or something you might want to skip. Plus, the app keeps a history of all your scanned balls and its recommendations, including how playable they are based on wear and tear.

Our Work

Our work includes AI-driven identification and classification of ball make and model using advanced text and logo recognition technology, along with sophisticated algorithms that recommend the best ball for enhancing user performance. The app features a user-friendly interface for managing scanned and recommended balls, supports suggestions for new balls not in the existing database, and includes an admin panel that provides detailed analysis of usage trends, evaluates new ball suggestions, and validates user-submitted damage ratings to refine AI model training.

Tech Stack

  • ReactNative, Firebase, Nest.js, MySQL, React JS
  • AI: ML Kit, Tensorflow, FiftyOne, Python
  • Android: Kotlin
  • iOS: Objective C, Swift

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