Parental Control App


This educational Parental Control App helps parents manage screen time and guide their children’s mobile device use towards learning. Parents can set rules, time limits, and choose educational activities that align with their child’s specific needs, making screen time productive and beneficial. The app even allows for progress reports to be shared with educators.

Application Features

This system allows parents to manage screen time for children’s learning. It offers features like personalized profiles with learning controls, customizable lessons, and progress tracking. It caters to various needs with options for special education and comes in different subscription tiers.

Our Work

Our work encompasses a feature that allows kids to earn screen time by completing learning activities, the ability to create individual child profiles, tools for parents to customize lessons based on subject, length, and difficulty, detailed progress reports for personalized lesson adjustments, and seamless integration with App & Play Store payment systems for convenient transactions.

Tech Stack

  • Android App: Kotlin, Firebase, Room
  • iOS App: SwiftUI, Firebase, Realm

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