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Vesta, a leading provider of cloud-based applications, faced significant challenges in ensuring the security and compliance of their client applications hosted on cloud-based platforms. With an ever-evolving threat landscape and increasing US Government policies and regulations, Vesta needed a robust and cost-effective security solution that could not only protect their client data but also ensure compliance with the latest standards.

The Challenge

Vesta’s client applications were susceptible to various security vulnerabilities due to the complex nature of their infrastructure and the continuous release of new features. The US Government’s stringent policies and regulations required them to adhere to specific security protocols to protect sensitive client data. Vesta Solutions needed a solution that wouldn’t escalate operational costs while ensuring top-notch security measures.


Vesta partnered with BlocBelt, to design custom security solutions on cloud platforms. BlocBelt proposed a comprehensive security strategy built on AWS services to address the specific challenges faced by Vesta Solutions.

BlocBelt integrated various AWS security services, such as AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF), AWS Key Management Service (KMS), and AWS CloudTrail, to create a multi-layered security approach. This allowed for better control over access, protection against web attacks, encryption of sensitive data, and comprehensive auditing. 

BlocBelt also implemented automated threat detection mechanisms using AWS GuardDuty and Amazon Inspector. This ensured continuous monitoring of the AWS environment, providing real-time alerts and insights into potential security breaches or vulnerabilities.

To meet US Government policies, BlocBelt configured AWS Config Rules to ensure continuous compliance monitoring. This allowed Vesta Solutions to proactively address any non-compliant resources and maintain adherence to the required standards.


The implementation of BlocBelt’s custom security solutions on AWS yielded significant improvements for Vesta. The multi-layered security approach, automated threat detection, and secure network architecture significantly bolstered the security of Vesta Solutions’ client applications, safeguarding them against potential cyber threats and attacks.

By leveraging native AWS security services and automating security monitoring, Vesta Solutions reduced the need for additional security tools and streamlined security management, leading to cost savings in the long run.

BlocBelt’s expertise in configuring AWS services for compliance ensured that Vesta Solutions met all the necessary US Government policies and regulations, enabling them to serve government clients effectively. With a robust security posture and adherence to compliance standards, Vesta gained the trust and confidence of their clients, leading to improved customer satisfaction and increased business opportunities.

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